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“The soul is never at its best until it enjoys God, and prays out of sheer love. Nobody who has learned to pray in this deeper way and whose prayer is a prayer of communion and fellowship, wants logical argument … Continue reading

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“Sometimes, in a moment of unusual stillness, one rises wholly above the earthly or personal self to the eternal, causeless, and spaceless realm where infinite peace abides. One can hardly tell how the experience begins. All descriptions of it and … Continue reading

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“Our true selves are at one with God, undivided from Him, expressing His ideas, witnessing to His nature–the dynamic Thinking of that Mind.”  – Emmet Fox, Power Through Constructive Thinking, 1932. Psalm 139: 14 – 17 I praise You [Lord] … Continue reading

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“Praying is a life-creative method that has its own essential evidence in the act itself. … It is a double-sided operation, due to an attractive drawing power at work above us and at the same time to a homing tendency … Continue reading

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“There are moments when one stops arguing and proving and finds himself enveloped by a Life that floods into him and restores him with health and joy. … Mysticism may, and, I think, should stand for that type of experience … Continue reading

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