The human spirit is made for integrity or wholeness. It has power to hit the mark, to realize life’s purpose. Our thought should be given to the conditions which favor such wholeness, we should look for power in this direction. The Lord is working with us in this endeavor.
We have been taking our clues from the sorrow and misery, the sin and suffering of the world. We have judged the human spirit by its failures, by unfortunate inheritances, by external environment with its sinful influences. But this is wrong. We should think and will and work in the vineyard of the Lord with the divine standard of health or wholeness in mind.

The Gospel is not a mere corrective of our errors, not a mere plan of salvation. It discloses the true positive plan of living. This plan implies the supremacy of the Spirit over material things. That is, it leads us to the great truth that all real causality is spiritual, that we live and work from the spiritual world, the Lord working with us.

What does the power of the living Christ within us endeavor to achieve? … To shake us out of our apathy and self-righteousness, our mere contentment when things are moving as we would like them whether other people suffer or not. To call us into the active service of spreading the glad news for those who believe. To quicken us out of our hypocrisy and every other form of two-foldness into true unity within the self, unity between head and heart, the understanding and the will. To prompt our hearts to change from self-love and love for the world to love of God and our fellowmen. To lead us into the true life of charity which is the real sign that we profoundly believe and expect the signs following.

Horatio W. Dresser, “With Signs Following,”
Spiritual Health and Healing, 1922

Now after the Lord Jesus had discoursed with them (the eleven apostles / disciples),
He was taken up into heaven,
and took His seat at God’s right hand.
And they went out,
and proclaimed it everywhere,
the Lord energizing them,
and confirming the Message by the signs which followed.

Mark 16:19-20

The New Testament in Modern English
Fourth Edition, 1906
Translated by Ferrar Fenton

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