Jesus tried to make the people of His day understand that the Kingdom of God is within, but few could really comprehend His great message. In the Lord’s Prayer, He said again, “On earth as it is in Heaven.” But, because most humans lacked inner vision, they looked for a Heaven outside themselves, not realizing that Heaven is actually a state of being.
When you are in harmony with the God Consciousness within you–you are in Heaven.

When your mind and heart and soul are filled with love for your fellow man and for God–you are in Heaven. When Jesus said, “My Kingdom is not of this earth,” He was referring to that Eternal Kingdom of oneness with God which exists within.

It is an incorruptible, indestructible Kingdom. It has always existed and it can never perish since you are a part of the God Consciousness which created it. It was conceived in love and it is eternally sustained by love. But you cannot enter into this Kingdom, and experience its transcendent joys and indescribable bounties, without love. Hate always drives you out of the Kingdom but love is the one unfailing key to your return.

Love is the key to everything good and lasting in life. When it replaces your feelings of hate and other destructive emotions, you instantly feel a release of mind and body tensions. The conflicts within your consciousness cease, and you sense a union with a power greater than yourself, a power now freed to serve you constructively, to bring you the right answer to prayer as opposed to the wrong answers you have been getting when your consciousness has been dominated by wrong feelings.

True love must be shared. It cannot be hoarded. To be blessed by love, it must be expressed, not repressed.

Love is your only means of communication with God.

 – Harold Sherman, “Love–The Essential Key to Prayer,”
How to Use the Power of Prayer, 1958

God is LOVE;
and whoever continues in love, dwells in God, and God in him.
His love with us will be perfected when we have free access in the Day of Judgment;
because as He Himself is, we also shall be, in that world.
There is no fear in love,
but perfect [complete] love expels fear,
because fear is torture;
and whoever is in fear has not reached the perfection of love.
We love, because He first loved us.

I John 4:16-19
The New Testament in Modern English,
Fourth Edition, 1906
Translated by Ferrar Fenton

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