After passing my 80th birthday, it seemed the right time to share the rich and abundant reading that has played an essential role in my personal life – especially the past 40 or so years. These posts are offered with the hope they’ll reach others who enjoy deeply inspiring messages that offer practical benefits in life’s daily journey. Most will be very short – usually quotations from people gifted with the rare ability to put inspiration and internal growth into writing. Occasionally longer articles will develop a topic at more length. The goal as this project begins is a minimum of one post per week.


Shorter quotations: When a quote is special to you, write it on a small card or piece of paper to carry in your pocket for the day. The simple act of handwriting is restful and focused.

Quiet time: A time for yourself alone is one of life’s best investments. Early morning is ideal, before the demands of the day begin. At-home parents may prefer a time after the family has left for their day: work or school. (That’s how I began, many years ago.) Start with 15 minutes or so, letting it grow spontaneously as the habit and interest grows. No rules here! Read something positive – perhaps the Bible, a book on spiritual life, old or recent. Then just be silent, digesting, assimilating what you read. To practice a deeper silence, meditate on a simple meaningful word to quiet the mind. (The phrase “Thank you” can be repeated, for example.) When other thoughts push in, simply “table” them for another time, rather than trying to ignore or fight them.

Personal reading: As this blog develops, a page will be added with a list of quotation sources. Some will be currently in publication, some may be available in print-on-demand books, some will be public domain items that can be located for free download. In a few cases, links to the better print-on-demand editions may be supplied.

Personal growth:  The secret is to form a habit of quiet introspection to set the tone for the day. Over time – days, months, years – as the habit matures, you will experience increasing personal authenticity, inner peace, security, growth in wisdom, healing – in short, the human characteristics that are fulfilling, satisfying, and instructive to relationships, work or career, and service in the time you have on earth.

A final background note: As one born into the family of a clergyman, my perspective is very broadly Christian. – “Broadly” because my career as organist – church musician involved me in a wide spectrum of denominations. Fulfilling my commitments with professionalism, sensitivity to the meaning of a service of worship, and reaching the heart and soul of people in the congregation with music became central; denominational lines blurred over time until they simply disappeared. Music teaching in private studio and colleges, and participation in community and professional organizations brought the wider world of society into focus, as well as cherished friendships. As my reading and insights developed, I realized numerous connections to biblical passages, and found the Bible “speaking to me” more fully. – Hence, some quotations here may be accompanied by relevant selections from Scripture. Doctrine and theology are NOT the purpose of this blog: – only perspectives that are universal to Life; revealing and satisfying to anyone with an open mind and heart; anyone who might still be on life’s never-ending quest for personal answers to very big  questions.

Mary Jo Disler