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Music – so bonded to the deep meaning of Christmas Time – bonded to our hope and expectations for the New Year which follows. Some random personal reflections on the parallels between performing music and the practice of Christian spiritual … Continue reading

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Our need for God is reciprocal. The Creator needs us to activate the Presence through receiving and fulfilling it in our daily lives, in our response to guidance, in our sense of “what to do,” in accepting the desires placed … Continue reading

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“Art thou desiring to be made whole?” can be taken as a fundamental question of Christ to men. “Fear not she shall be made whole,” is addressed not to one solitary case of need; it is the message of the … Continue reading

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As Christmas, 2017, comes near, I am deeply impressed with a memory of my grandfather. Kindly allow something personal – a brief reminiscence for this very moving part of the year. Grandfather, born 1876, was an uncomplicated, quiet, friendly man. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Day, 2017 LORD, to praise You is sweet, And, HIGHEST, to sing to Your Name; To morning, to tell of Your kindness, And to night of Your truth, On the Viol and Lute, On the Flute and the Harp. … Continue reading

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Healing with Church Music

As a church organist, one of my favorite services to prepare was Christmas Eve, a time of quiet expectation, mystery, and calm. The colors of evergreens and poinsettias, perhaps gold ribbon decor, candlelight and its dancing shadows, a créche setting … Continue reading

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