God’s light shines both within us and without us, and by learning to receive Him within we begin to perceive Him without.

This being so, let us gladly seek Him without as well as within. As we fill our beings morning after morning with His light, let us also fill our days with His over-ruling guidance and help and protection. Let us give thanks that His power is working not only in us but also in the world outside of us. Let us bless the day through which we are about to walk and lift it up into the light of His love. Let us invoke His blessing on everything that we intend to do during the coming day … And if we do not know what we should do that day let us offer it to Him, asking Him to use it according to His will. Sometimes He has His own plan for the day, and for that reason we have been unable to make one.

On days that we have given Him we must be particularly quick to hear and heed His voice, lest we miss the very opportunities that He is sending us. For the Holy Spirit that spake through the prophets speaks both through us and to us today, in the kindliest possible manner, and we need only still ourselves to feel His presence.

We are continually amazed and delighted that God will talk to us, that He loves us, that the guiding Intelligence of the Universe really cares for our small concerns. His lavishness overwhelms us and His humility humbles us. For as nothing is too great for Him, so nothing is too small.

In all these tiny ways I find that a meditation which began for the purpose of healing has become really a prayer for at-one-ment with God, or harmony. By daring to try God and see whether His promises are true, I have regained a measure of that instinctive faith of the very young or the very simple.

 – excerpts, Agnes Sanford,
The Healing Light: The Art and Method of Spiritual Healing, 1947.

By Periods GOD created that which produced the Solar Systems;
then that which produced the Earth.
But the Earth was unorganised and empty;
and darkness covered its convulsed surface;
while the breath of GOD rocked the surface of its waters.
GOD then said, “Let there be light;”
and light came.
And GOD gazed upon that beautiful light…

Genesis 1:1-4a
“translated direct from the Hebrew by Ferrar Fenton,” 1903
(complete edition of Fenton’s translation of the Bible)

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