When Jesus says, “Before Abraham was, I am;” “Search the scriptures … they are they which testify of me;” “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden,” he is plainly not calling the weary and distressed to him as a man only. Jesus teaches from first to last that all wisdom, life and power have a single source. It is the Father who gives according to our needs, who guides us along life’s pathway, who sustains, provides, bestows life and light. All the words of wisdom proceed from Him. The works of healing are His. It is his mission that saves, quickens and establishes the kingdom. The divine plan of this mission ante-dates Abraham. Jesus fulfills it step by step, that all things may be accomplished according to divine law, that the human may not intrude. Hence he is able to say without qualification that he is faithful in word and deed to the Father’s will.

We may state the universal principle as follows: There is one right attitude toward the Father, whose wisdom and love constitute the real efficiency in the minds and hearts of men, namely, that we should seek first the purpose or forward movement of the divine life in process through us, adopting this the divine trend of life as our own, serving and living with the realization that it is the Father who accomplishes in each of us the work He would have us do. Jesus is the living representative who not only teaches but proves this Christ-wisdom which he came to bring to men. As exemplifier of the Gospel he turns attention away from himself. … We should discern the universality of the way, the truth, and the life. The Christ-wisdom is in a sense separable and capable of being taught by itself. Having discerned this universal principle, we are ready to consider the selfhood of God as Father on the one side and the personality of Jesus in the historic sense on the other.

We know that no man alone can save his fellow men, that the true Saviour is God the Father, is the Christ. … we may all abide in the divine love as branches of the true vine. Hence it includes not only all men as sons of God, but the Father too; it is the abiding relationship throughout all eternity.

Horatio W. Dresser, “The Christ,”
Spiritual Health and Healing,  1922

And he that sent me is with me:
the Father hath not left me alone;
for I do always those things that please him.

John 8:29

Whoever is of God listens to God
Those who belong to God hear the words of God.

John 8:47a

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