… health is the natural right of every human soul. The presence of the Creator with us through the wisdom which guides and the love which sustains is for the sake of health, among ends of greater value than health itself. We ought therefore to judge by what God is endeavoring to quicken in us and produce through us, taking the whole of our life into account.

… it should not seem strange at all that a person may find his health spiritually by discovering his work in the world.

What if we were to seek directly that spiritual life which not only makes for permanent health but discloses the purpose for which we live? What if we should begin forthwith by doing this work which God calls us to do, whether it seems to make for health or not? This would be adopting in entire seriousness the promise that Christ came to bring the abundant life. It would imply firm belief in the spiritual law, namely, that we should first seek the kingdom of God and the righteousness pertaining to the kingdom before going in quest of the things which are to be added. It would be putting health on the spiritual basis, as a gift of the Spirit.

Horatio W. Dresser, Spiritual Health and Healing, 1922.

GOD Who saved me–I trust You,
and no more will dread!
For You, LORD, are my vigour and song, EVER-LIVING!
And You are a Saviour to me!

Isaiah 12:2

The Bible in Modern English, Fourth Edition, 1906
Ferrar Fenton, translator

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