“There are moments when one stops arguing and proving and finds himself enveloped by a Life that floods into him and restores him with health and joy. … Mysticism may, and, I think, should stand for that type of experience in which a person feels an overmastering conviction that actual contact is attained with a divine, life-giving, joy-bringing Presence.”

“The most characteristic aspect of the experience is the consciousness of what I have called divine Presence, or, at least, the consciousness of finding a new order of environment, in which the inner spirit feels at home. … It is a moment of fusion like that which comes in the enjoyment of great music or of surpassing beauty or sublimity, or of perfect love.…The usual divergent and conflicting forces in us are overcome.…The radiations and centrifugal tendencies of the inner life vanish in an extraordinary state of integration, in which intellect and emotion and will-purpose are present in undifferentiated union.”

Rufus Jones, Pathways to the Reality of God, 1931.

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