“Love is essentially social. It is the expression of a spiritual force, radiating from a personal centre, and having its motive in persons. If then we believe that God is love, we believe not in a passive God, indifferent to human suffering and need, but in a personal God who cares for every individual soul, who is ever in the intensity of His sympathy seeking to make Himself known, to make His redeeming and healing power felt.”

 – John Wilhelm Rowntree, “God in Christ–II. The Prodigal Son,”
Essays and Addresses, 1906

1: Then calling together His twelve disciples, He [Jesus] gave them power over unclean spirits, so that they might cast them out, as well as cure every kind of mental disease
and all sickness.
5a: Jesus sent out these twelve, giving them these instructions:…
7-8: As you travel, proclaim the fact that the Kingdom of Heaven is approaching.
Restore the feeble, cure the lepers, cast out demons; you have received freely, give freely.

 – Matthew 10:1; 5a; 7-8
Ferrar Fenton, The New Testament in Modern English, 1906.

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