The word “perfect” can be descriptive (adjective) or active (verb). In spiritual life, the verb is more accurate, less final, less subject to the opinion of another person rather than the life process of commitment, prayer, and guidance by the Almighty. “Perfection as process” rather than finality is an essential concept for those who have chosen God as revealed by Christ Jesus as their one and only life resource. The Door is then always open, the vista one of hope, encouragement, joy, expectation.                                       – mjd

“Here where we live, in a space-time world, the perfect can be revealed only in process. The eternal lives and is expressed only in unending mutability. The infinite is both in and beyond the finite. The unseen is immanent in the seen. The ‘more yet’ hovers on the edge of every attainment. … What ought to be is always running ahead of what is. The heavenly vision of a beyond will not let us rest in the good of here and now. To be a moral person at all is to be self-transcendent, which means ‘finite-infinite.’ No one can appreciate music who does not rise above the seriatim notes and enjoy them together in a time-transcending now, which is a gentle breaking in of eternity into our time-world.”

– Rufus Jones, Pathways to the Reality of God, 1931.

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