We learn to give forth love in learning to forgive our enemies. Then we learn to give a forgiving and healing love to all who cross our paths and need our love. Finally love flows through us spontaneously and naturally to both man and beast–and completing the circuit, flows back to us again from God.

As we practice the work of forgiveness we discover more and more that forgiveness and healing are one. We find indeed that all forms of prayer fuse into a high consciousness of God. Thus the break in the pipe line that connects us with God who is Love is mended, and the Water of Life fills us to the brim and overflows into our homes and workshops and churches.

This inrush of God’s Holy Spirit heals us–naturally. But it does far more than that. Indeed, as we pursue the spiritual life we lose sight of physical benefits in our increasing vision of God Himself. We find after a while that we desire God more for His own sake than for ours.

And in the end we offer up ourselves, both flesh and spirit, to God for His purpose: the bringing in of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

 – Agnes Sanford, The Healing Light, 1947

… in my flesh shall I see God.
Job 19: 26b

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