Religion is not a business by and for itself, which a man may practice apart from his other occupations, perhaps on certain fixed days and hours; but it is the inmost spirit, that penetrates, inspires, and pervades all our Thought and Action… That the Divine Life and Energy actually lives in us, is inseparable from Religion… But this does not depend upon the sphere in which we act…
Nothing more is essential than that we should recognise and love our vocation as the Will of God with us and in us.

(The true religious man) conceives of his World as Action, which, because it is his World, he alone creates, in which alone he can live, and find enjoyment of himself…

He wills it, because it is the Will of God in him, and his own peculiar portion in Being. And so does his Life flow onwards, simple and pure, knowing, willing, and desiring nothing else than this,–never wandering from this centre, neither moved nor troubled by aught external to itself.

Such is his Life.

 – Excerpts, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, The Way Towards the Blessed Life
Translated from German to English by William Smith, 1849.

He who examines into a perfect law
–that of Liberty and steadfastness–
becomes not a forgetful listener,
but an active worker;
he will be happy through his own activity.

James 1:25

Translation by Ferrar Fenton
The New Testament in Modern English, 1906.

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