They live by the Spirit who know that Spirit as it is personally perceived, as it illumines each soul. The Father has a special message for each which he will declare to those who listen in peace, in love and humility.

It is (in the inner life) that the Spirit is found, there that one finds rest and food for the soul–in the kingdom of silence, the home of peace, of hope, and freedom; the starting-point in all that is noblest in humanity, the dominion of the Christ ideal.

The power of those lives which are inspired by the Spirit consists more in their attitude as centres of well-poised spiritual power than in their thought. … It is when the peace and love of God have entered the life, become the motive factors of one’s very existence, that they touch other lives, quickening and inspiring them, even though no word be spoken.

 – Horatio W. Dresser, Living by the Spirit, 1903.

If we live in the Spirit,
let us also walk in the Spirit.

Galatians 5:25
King James Bible

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