“Remember the spiritual inspiration that Paul had, and this inspiration is also ours as we claim the light and power and love that are God’s expression through us:

‘If the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwelleth in you, he that raised up Christ Jesus from the dead shall give life also to your mortal bodies through his Spirit that dwelleth in you.’ (Romans 8:11)

… It isn’t the human desire of the individual’s own heart that makes the life to flow through his organism more freely. It isn’t the thing that we usually think of as Christianity that brings us into the quickening, healing currents of Christ life. It is the stirring in us of the same Spirit of Christ that was and is in Jesus Christ–the Spirit of God–standing forth in the individual as the expression of divine ideas from the mind of Being. It is the soul’s willingness and effort actually to live, in daily thinking and acts, the Spirit of Christ, that same Spirit which made Jesus to forget Himself in doing the good and perfect will of His Father. He adored the Father, and sought constantly to glorify Him in making the things of His Spirit manifest in the lives of His children. Jesus was eagerly discovering the real purpose of life and fulfilling it, not for Himself alone but for all of us. He said,

I am the light of the world.’ [John 8:12]
Ye are the light of the world.’ [Matthew 5:14]

 – Letters of Myrtle Fillmore, 1936

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