“Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” – The Lord’s Prayer

God’s inner direction and impetus provides the life to be lived by an individual. Listening and following through in faith and trust results in a joyous outpouring – “expression” – of the Almighty’s intent for the world – for an individual’s corner of the world, and beyond if it happens to go there.                                                           – mjd

“This prayer involves the most strenuous life that ever was lived. To pray seriously for the coming of the kingdom of heaven means to contribute to its coming. It has come in any life which is completely under the sway of the holy Will and which is consecrated to the task of making that holy Will prevail in society. It is no ‘far off Divine event.’ It is always coming.”

“In a plain word, it is the total task of humanity through the ages. It is the embodiment in a temporal order of the eternal purpose. It is the weaving in concrete figure and color of the Divine pattern. … this prayer is the girding of the loins for the sublime task of helping God make his world.”

 – Rufus Jones, The Double Search: Studies in Atonement and Prayer, 1906


You must walk after your
and fear Him,
and keep His Commandments,
and listen to His voice,
and serve Him,
and adhere to Him.

Deuteronomy 13:4

The Bible in Modern English: Five Books of Moses,
translated by Ferrar Fenton, 1901

I hear and heed Your direction – Your voice
– to be a vessel for bringing Heaven to earth.

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