“God still calls us to the heritage of a Kingdom of light and power. … Man may sin and alienate himself from God, but he can never erase his divine parentage. Eternal truth is written in those words in Genesis: ‘And God created man in his own image.’ … Our problem is basically not one of more knowledge of what to do … What we need is power to put our present knowledge into actual and consistent practice.”

“The unlocking of cosmic power and love can be accomplished if you will become utterly, completely obedient to the Light within you. All eternity is met in you as Christ asks you to become a partner with Him in the historic task of the redemption of our world from the ocean of darkness that claims it to the ocean of God’s dazzling, blinding light of divine love and perfection.”

 – Cecil E. Hinshaw, The Light Within as Redemptive Power.
President of William Penn College, William Penn Lecture, 1945

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