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“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.” [Isaiah 26:3a] What is this Peace which is promised to us, if we indeed ‘stay our minds’ on God? It is first, the result of a unity … Continue reading

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“Prayer is a conscious decision to realign ourselves with divine right order.” “That which extends outward to bless others automatically extends inward as well.”  – Marianne Williamson, Everyday Grace: Having Hope, Finding Forgiveness, and Making Miracles, 2002. Let thy work … Continue reading

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“Progression to higher things is an eternal law of the soul…” “One presses forward to a particular goal; and upon arrival there, new ideals have been presented to consciousness so that (one) may not always recognize when a desire is … Continue reading

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“Suppose that for a moment we took off the spectacles of Time and Space and saw the world as the angels in heaven see it, as a simple Temple in the midst of Infinity and Eternity. It would then be … Continue reading

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The word “perfect” can be descriptive (adjective) or active (verb). In spiritual life, the verb is more accurate, less final, less subject to the opinion of another person rather than the life process of commitment, prayer, and guidance by the … Continue reading

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“To the Divine Mind, time, space and sequence, cannot be realities; so God must view His work from the beginning as being complete and perfect.”  – Ernest Holmes, The Hidden Power of the Bible [The Bible in the Light of … Continue reading

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“God still calls us to the heritage of a Kingdom of light and power. … Man may sin and alienate himself from God, but he can never erase his divine parentage. Eternal truth is written in those words in Genesis: … Continue reading

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