We are familiar with two ways of dealing with the nature of things: (1) the method of observation and exact description from the outside, the spectator method, and (2) the method of vital experience–discovery of reality by living your way into the heart of things.

The more one knows in terms of exact description, too often the less is the feel of the reality of the significance of life. … The windows of the soul suffer “black-outs.” … The process of description, ruthlessly carried through, entails reduction and the stripping away of everything that will not submit to description and explanation. We end, therefore, with a reduced world, a reduced man, and greatly reduced hopes and aims and aspiration.

As soon as we live our way into the heart of the realities we need for creative life, the sense of frustration is over and there is a hole in the sky and free water to swim in. … Nobody who has truly fallen in love has any doubt of the intrinsic value, the infinite value, of love. It is its own evidence, its own excuse for being.

What is true of love is just as true of God and the world of spiritual realities. There come high moments when we find ourselves where we know we belong, when the Beyond is here and the Yonder is present. These eternal moments take the soul to the very heart of reality. Many times I have found my way home in the dark because my feet felt the road when my eyes could not see it. There is Something in us, deeper than hands or feet, that finds the way to the Central Reality, and when we arrive we know it.

The goal of life is not a code or a law or a fixed creed–it is a flying goal, with an ever new Beyond.

 – excerpts from Rufus M. Jones
“The Eternal Significance of Life; Entering into Life,”
The Radiant Life, 1944.

Be perfect [complete, whole], therefore,
as your heavenly Father is perfect.
Matthew 5:48
The Bible, New International Version

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