Healing with Church Music

As a church organist, one of my favorite services to prepare was Christmas Eve, a time of quiet expectation, mystery, and calm. The colors of evergreens and poinsettias, perhaps gold ribbon decor, candlelight and its dancing shadows, a créche setting the stage for birth of an infant who would change history, all pervade the senses. The music was planned to enhance feelings of joy, of peace, of personal introspection and wholeness. As Christmas 2016 draws near, this quotation reminds me of the healing experience that church music attempts to convey year-round.                                                                                                 – mjd

“Church music can become a source of healing. Enter church with the idea of becoming
attuned to the devotional spirit of the music, for this devotional spirit speaks to the soul of the things of eternity and feeds the soul with the bread of heaven, giving it a realization of its eternal life in God.

Close the eyes and the mind to the changing fashions of the time, to the vanities of the world, and with the feeling that you are in a sacred place give yourself to devotional worship -under the guidance of the deep, inspiring tones of the organ.

Rest as though in the Presence of the healing Glory of God and you will feel uplifted into a state of mind where all is peace. The all pervading Spirit of Life will become a conscious possession of your spirit, imparting to you somewhat of the joyous health of the life eternal.

The time is not far distant when the wonderful healing power of music will be so universally known that concerts and devotional services will be held for the healing of the sick, thus calling into activity by united faith and expectancy on the part of the audience all the healing forces stored in the nature of man.

When the healing power of music is recognized and cooperated with, it will immediately begin to demonstrate its great value as a therapeutic agency.”

 – Walter DeVoe, Mystic Words of Mighty Power, 1905

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