NEW YEAR 2023: Part 1

Those who have learned life lessons through their families, Bible, church experiences, and inner revelations over many years find themselves yearning for even greater depths in the world of the Spirit as life evolves. Now & then we may be fortunate enough to find expressions of belief that inspire ever more growth and maturing of understanding – provide us with “aha!” moments that may or may not find adequate words. In writing this blog, there are times when it’s tempting to quote whole books or chapters. Alas, that is not realistic for a blog, and might discourage readers who benefit from brief but “well, I hadn’t thought of it that way,” ideas.
These quotes are offered to encourage those interested in finding their sources for themselves. Nearly all used in this blog are from writings in the public domain and can be downloaded. Writings from the past use language of their era, but with helpful truths that are timeless.
Above all, this writer’s hope is that readers discover God’s presence within themselves.
– And remain open to new interpretations of Scripture regarding Who and What God really is: The One Who can be fully trusted when we receive personal guidance.

For this New Year 2023, we begin with selected quotes from The Greatest Truth by Horatio W. Dresser, published 1907. It is a book full of inspiration and food for thought. This post will continue.

Oh! my fellow men, my sisters, and my brothers, a great truth has been made known unto the world, a truth which concerns you one and all. It is a message of joy, a gospel of peace and love. It is a word spoken unto the heart, it brings power and guidance to the soul. Above all it is a life-giving message – with that life eternal which sets humanity free. … To you who have tasted the world’s boasted pleasures and found no joy therein. … To the sorrowful and the afflicted, to the soul that is famished for spiritual food, the truth-seeker and the sceptic.

There is one panacea for all ills, one truth which will set you free. Listen, then, while I speak to one and to all; not as one having authority, but as one who has toiled a little way up the steep slope of the mountain of life and behold a glorious vista … It is the vision of the beauty and wisdom, the grandeur and power of God. Oh! my people, know the great truth: God lives. God is here. … He abides near and within the great universe which so marvelously reveals Him. He is a being of boundless wisdom and love, of justice, peace, and mercy. He knows your ways, knows the hearts and minds, apprehends the needs of all.
Listen to Him for He will guide you.
He is light and in Him is no darkness.
He is peace and in Him is no discord.

Say not that the truth is not for you, or that God is partial. The power that will change all for you is here today. This day shall you know that there is one true God, who possesseth all things, who guideth all things, who will carry all things and all peoples forward to peace and joy and freedom.

God lives.

All that is partakes of His life, reveals His ineffable glory.
He called it into being.
He has purpose in it all.
It is life of His life,
– substance of His substance,
– heart of His heart.
He has loved it into being.
He is with all beings in love, ever sustaining, guiding, uplifting;
there is nought besides His kingdom.

– excerpts, “Glad Tidings,” The Greatest Truth,
by Horatio W. Dresser, 1907

“The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”
Jesus of Nazareth
Matthew 4:17b

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