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Thoughts by Mary Jo Disler

“There is an inexhaustible supply, and we are God’s beloved children for whom He is ever providing and to whom He has given His own life and wisdom and power and substance, the innate ability to do whatever is required in bringing our own soul to the Christ standard of living and serving others.”

 – Letters of Myrtle Fillmore

Look for the play on words in Psalm 37:4. “Desire” has a double meaning–the inner desire ( …of your heart.), and the fulfillment of that desire ( he will give you… ). When “delight in the Lord” is your first and foremost “treasure of the heart,” a valid desire comes from the Creator. It can be trusted as meant for you. The realization will come. If it seems delayed according to our human time table, trust that preparation for it is nevertheless part of the “treasure.” It will…

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