Our ante-natal existence was a dependent and derived mode of being through the umbilical cord. When this was cut, we entered upon an existence independent of the maternal organism. But that spiritual something that answers to the umbilical attachment, and forever binds us to God, the Primal and Central Life, has never been severed. In Him we live, and move, and have our being. Our existence is, and ever will be, inclosed within the womb of Infinite Being. We can never be so born, or born again, as to be independent of Him. Because He lives, we live also. He is the true vine, we are the branches; but the immortal sap of a Divine Life circulates through the minutest twig and leaf of our tree of life. If we look to food, or medicine, or anything else, for life, we are searching for it where we shall never find it. Life in its highest sense is conscious or unconscious union with God.

 – Warren Felt Evans, The Divine Law of Cure, 1885

I am the true Vine, and My Father is the Cultivator.

I am the Vine; you are the branches.

Just as the Father has loved Me, so I have loved you:
continue in His love with Me.
If you keep My commands, you will continue in My love;
just as I have kept the commands of My Father,
and continue in His love.
I have spoken to you so that My delight may be in you
and your delight may be perfect [complete].
My command is this:
that you love one another, just as I have loved you.
Stronger love has no one than this,
that one should lay down his own life for his friends.
You are My friends,
if you are doing what I am commanding you.

John 15:1; 5a; 9-13

The New Testament in Modern English, Fourth Edition, 1906
Translated from the Greek by Ferrar Fenton

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