Do you sometimes feel as though everything in your life needs new direction and improvement? Do you long for God’s wisdom, order, and healing power to work through your mind and body, for His love and peace to fill your heart? Your life can change if you will quietly know, this very moment, God is in control!

Then let go, and let Him be!

Stop thinking of yourself as weak, sick, or afraid. Claim God as your Father. See God in control of every cell and atom of your being.

Let go, and let God be in control.

This moment, no matter to what extent your human emotions of discouragement, loneliness, or feelings of emptiness want to take charge, stop their activity within your mind and heart quickly with the words:
God is in charge.
God is in control.
Claim this Truth strongly and insistently.
Demand of your mind that your mind know it!
Demand of your feelings that your feelings feel it!
Decree and affirm silently and aloud, lovingly and persistently:
God is in control.

As you turn to God for guidance, divine wisdom will fill you with supreme assurance.
When you turn your body, life, and affairs over to God’s control, you are then a free channel for the expression of healing, order, joy, and success. You are turning yourself over to the higher thoughts and the higher ways of God, and to the presence and power of God’s love that is within you always.

This was the very purpose for which Jesus came and taught and demonstrated and lived. He knew what all persons can know, practiced what all persons can practice, and expressed what all persons can express when they give God control of their lives.… for he taught them as one who had authority, and not as their scribes. (Matthew 7:29)

When God is in control, the utmost good comes through to bless everyone concerned.

– excerpts, Mary Kupferle, “God is in Control!”
God Will See You Through, copyright 1983

Lo, I am with you always,
even unto the end of the world.

Matthew 28:20b

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