Practice trusting God, practice trusting His presence in you, practice trusting God’s presence in others. Practice and continue practicing. Repeat the words: I trust the Spirit within, then let go. Discipline yourself to affirm this at the very moment you become upset or disturbed about something. Use the wonderful tools of your mind and heart positively and constructively and stay with the affirmative attitude of trusting the Spirit within until you begin to feel an inner response. It will come.

No matter how deep your difficulty appears to you, trust the Spirit within to guide you to victory. It will. If at first you find it a struggle to trust, trust anyway. If you feel that it is impossible for you to trust, trust anyway. If you think you cannot make the grade, trust the more. If you doubt your own ability, potential, or capacity of faith, just be the firmer and more insistent that you can trust the Spirit within. Trust again and again and again. Trust by the moment. Trust in the morning, trust every hour on the hour, trust at work and at rest. Trust yourself, trust others, trust life, trust the Spirit in everyone and in everything. The reality of the Spirit of God lies within all…

You, dear friend, stand upon the brink of your good at this moment. It is there, right where you are now. Begin to accept and receive it, first mentally and within your heart by fully trusting the Spirit within. …You will be launching into the deep with greater awareness of the good that lies ready and waiting for your acceptance in faith.

– excerpts, Mary L. Kupferle, “Trust the Spirit Within,” God Will See You Through, copyright 1983.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness.

Matthew 6:33a

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