We have seen life gathered up into one central grand meaning–that meaning is Christ. We feel that He represents Life and only as lesser life gets into contact with Him does it live. We offer Him to the inwardly disrupted as the One who can put them together and can keep them together. For it is no temporary Pollyanna healing which He offers–He offers what men need so desperately, namely, forgiveness, reconciliation, assurance–assurance that at the heart of things is a Heart, that God loves and cares and His love will not let us go. Moreover, He offers no spiritual coddling as the remedy, for He offers the Kingdom of God as the strenuous Cause for which a man may live, and if necessary, die.
The man now feels he is no longer orphaned, alone, estranged, he is related to Life and that Life is warm and tender and personal. When Jesus was hanging on His cross He did not say to John, “Now, please look after My mother.” He did not lay on him a duty. Rather He established a relationship: “Son, behold thy mother;” and as soon as John saw and felt that relationship the duty flowed from it naturally. If he was a son, then, of course, he would take care of his mother.

That incident lets us see the method of Jesus. He does not lay on us a set of rules and duties, rather He establishes a relationship–a relationship with God. He says to us, “Son, behold thy Father,”–He reveals God to us as a Father and man to himself as a son; and when once we grasp that central fact, then everything else flows from it, flows from it like a fountain from a hillside fed by eternal springs. Life now has infinite meanings, infinite goals, and infinite resources. And deepest of all, life has now an infinite fellowship, infinite and yet very personal, for it is all very personal in Christ.

He offers Himself as the object of our love because He first loved us and gave Himself for us. It is all very, very real.

 – E Stanley Jones, Is the Kingdom of God Realism, 1940

I came that they may have life,
and have it abundantly.
John 10:10b

I will not leave you
nor ever forsake you.
Hebrews 13:5

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