There are many believers in the inward light as the direct witness of the Spirit, the true reason for worship. Every earnest Christian has some experience of inward piety akin to divine love. We all believe that “the pure in heart” shall see God. But there is a further step … This step is into knowledge of the Inward Presence as power. It shows one how to enter into quickening Life through vivid realization of the love and the wisdom that are ours. It shows the way to a dynamic experience passing beyond mere meditation or worship.

… our inner world is a meeting-point between the spirit and a higher activity which can be utilized when there is need.

The priceless possession is intimacy of relation through spiritual experience in which the Inward Presence becomes an immediate source of guidance and power.

It becomes possible when we take seriously the idea that man is spirit and is recipient of Life ready to make him in fulness a child of God in image and likeness.

This inward quest might lead to self-centeredness if it were not for the experienced contrast between the inner mind and the outer. To enter more deeply into one’s mere self is not to find the inner mind at all. The priceless possession is awareness of the Inward Presence by being in the sanctuary of the Spirit where a higher light is shining. The kingdom is “at hand,” it is “within,” it comes “without observation,” bearing its own evidences, summoning man to seek it first and last. The particular self making the quest is secondary. The essential is the great gift made to the self seeking the Presence in all sincerity and devotion.

There is only friendliness and peace, with a Life ever present that is working for health and freedom. Even the world seems to have faded for the moment. To have the world given back is to have it bestowed as God’s world.

 – Horatio W. Dresser, Ph.D.
excerpts from Spiritual Health and Healing, 1922

…for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking,
but righteousness
and peace
and joy
in the Holy Spirit.

Romans 14:17
The Bible, New King James Version

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