(Jesus) is a Divine manifestation in the flesh, a human being intensely conscious of the identity of his life with God’s Life, and through him and in him we may have access to the illuminating and vivifying Word. What more can any human soul need? The pure and lofty mind of Jesus, his deep and living spirituality, his irrepressible love for humanity, of which he was a part, his desire to make known God, and to impart to all the Divine Life and Light that were in him, is what lifted up those who intimately knew him to a higher stage of existence, and the same inspiring and elevating influence can be received by all who come into a vital sympathy with him in his true humanity today. He may become to us the highest mental and spiritual guide to health and happiness.

Faith in Jesus, not as a theological myth, … [but as] Christ, places the soul through the overflowing fullness of his spiritual being in communication with the unfathomed depths of the One Life.

And we are saved (or healed) through him not so much by his death as by the sphere of his life. When on earth, in his fleshly manifestation, those who came to him he directed to the One Life.

I look upon Jesus the Christ as the highest illustration in the history of mankind of a fully and harmoniously developed humanity.

 – Warren Felt Evans, The Divine Law of Cure, 1884.

And the WORD became incarnate,
and encamped among us
–and we gazed upon His majesty,
such majesty as that of a Father’s only Son
–full of beneficence and truth.
John 1:14

So out of His fulness we were all supplied,
with gift heaped upon gift.
John 1:16

The New Testament in Modern English
Fourth edition
translated by Ferrar Fenton

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