As we meet with problems of every nature–conflicts, enemies, hatred, persecution, injustice–we no longer try to reach out to remove them either physically or mentally, but we rest in His word. We rest from all power, and God works the miracle.

When we have rested, when we have become still, and when we have permitted the Spirit to permeate mind and body, a Something greater than ourselves goes before us and prepares the way for us: The enmity and and opposition dissolve… In a complete Silence, with no attempt to use God, use Truth, or use a power over anybody or for anybody, something takes place within us that dissolves the problems of life and makes the way one of joy and fulfillment.

The only effective and potent weapon against the powers that would destroy the world both physically and mentally is the Silence which comes of the conviction that there is a Something that created this universe and is responsible for maintaining it unto eternity–it is the ability to relax in Silence and let that Something perform Its function.

In that quietness and confidence, we find our strength and peace.
That is our Sabbath.

 – Joel S. Goldsmith, “The Still Small Voice”
The Thunder of Silence, 1961

How precious Your thoughts are to me!
How powerful, God, their results!
Psalm 139:17

The Bible in Modern English. Fourth Edition
Translated by Ferrar Fenton, 1906

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