“If we gather, and give away a flower from the plant of love in our garden, ten flowers spring up where one has been. There is no pause in the blossoming of love. The reward of love is increased power of loving.”

“It is wonderful with what small means love does great things. There are people whose very presence makes joy all round them, whose smile lightens sorrow and refreshes pain, whose very being breathes peace. They have often nothing of gifts to give, not even the widow’s mite, but they give their heart away at every moment of their lives.”

“Your gift, made rich by the aid of love you bring with you, is infinite; it creates and enchants a world.”

“Those who love have no leisure to complain of God or of men, or to make themselves unhappy. They have only time to give thanks.”

 – The Rev. Stopford Brooke, “The Law of Giving,”
(a sermon on Luke 21:1-4, the widow’s offering at the temple)
The Spirit of the Christian Life, 1881.

Thank God for his gift that is too wonderful for words!
2 Corinthians 9:15

The Bible, Contemporary English Version


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