“Nothing is adequate for man which stops short of binding the human and the divine together into one single life-process. It is not a different life from this human life of ours that we seek; it is not an ‘other’ world somewhere beyond this one that we desire. We seek rather this wonderful human life opened out in all dimensions…”

“We are certainly potentially infinite and the very fact that we are always transcending ourselves and trying endlessly to find the rest of ourselves means, I think, that we are made for God, that we cannot help seeking Him because we have in some measure found Him already…”

“We want to feel a real heart beating somewhere through things; we want to discover through the maze a loving will working out a purpose; … We can not get on here with substitutes; we must have the reality itself. … It is God we want and not another, the Real Face and not a picture.”

– Rufus Jones, Religion as Reality, Life and Power, William Penn Lecture, 1919.

“Let me hear of Your mercy at dawn,
For on You is my trust.
Oh! teach me the road I should go,
For to You I have handed my life!
Free me, O Lord, from my foes,
With you let my shelter be found.
Teach me to accomplish Your will;
For Your spirit is pleasant, my God,–
It can lead to the land that is safe.”

Psalm 143: 8-10

translation of Ferrar Fenton
The Bible in Modern English
Fourth Edition, 1906.


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