Christmas is the re-enactment and celebration of the birth of a baby: Jesus of Nazareth. Who was he? How could an individual born in a remote region of the ancient world in humble circumstances have had a universal impact on the history of the world for the following 2000 years, and continuing? Even more dramatic is the fact that His effect on individuals–people like you and me, here and now–has been the engine of history’s evolution toward the goal of “peace on earth.” Humankind is still struggling to put an understanding – a concept – into words. – mjd

“Jesus Christ brought religion out of the heavens to the earth. He does not speculate, He does not theorize, He announces and illustrates and exemplifies a way and method of life. Religion and life with Him mean the same thing.

…the moment we go back to the primitive facts of Christianity, we find not a cold and rigid system of thought and belief, but a Life, a message, a personality–a manifestation of God and a revelation of the true meaning of humanity. In Him we have a Son of God and a Son of man living among men to show life on its true scale.

There is nothing in His message which does not bear directly upon our human life. He took not the nature of angels, He talked not of the angelic, the seraphic, the celestial realm, He admitted us into none of the secrets of a foreign world; He took the nature of men, He showed how a man might become a son of God and He unfolded the method and laws of the kingdom of heaven–the ideal social order in which men shall be sons of God and brothers one to the other.”

“…our age is concerned for the expansion of the individual life and for the regeneration of society. Now it is precisely here that the Gospel of Jesus Christ meets our need and fits our condition. His purpose is to give abundant life and to make all things new and we find His message constructive at every point. It simply needs to be applied…”

 – Rufus M. Jones, Practical Christianity: Essays on the Practice of Religion, edition of 1905.


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