“Progression to higher things is an eternal law of the soul…”

“One presses forward to a particular goal; and upon arrival there, new ideals have been presented to consciousness so that (one) may not always recognize when a desire is attained, for there in the distance he sees what has now become his goal and it is still beyond.

This receding goal … is but another proof of the boundlessness of human growth.

The goal sought can be won, and yet when won another and another appear. … With each unfoldment a broader and broader vista arises. … The goal has not receded … A grander and nobler desire has been born, lifting thought to higher aims and holier purposes.

When this height is reached one may know that he is blending himself with and into the Universal, that the Christ within is unfolding, that he has here in earth life entered into the Kingdom of Heaven, and therefore he cannot fail to realize that the highest of goals may be won, and his only limitations are represented by his desires, efforts and purposes.

 – Floyd B. Wilson, Through Silence to Realization; or The Human Awakening, 1906.

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