“When we cease to think shadows and lack of knowledge and begin to call to mind the teachings of Jesus Christ, we shall find the light shining for us. We shall not care to peer into the past, nor to recall its experiences. We shall know that all that measures up to the mark of helpfulness will abide with us.”

“Jesus Christ lived so eagerly the light that came to Him day by day that life ceased to be a gray mystery to Him. He saw Himself and others in a new light. He understood why He had been born into the world. He knew where He was going. In fact, He knew that He was not going anywhere, in the sense of separation and distance, from us. He knew that He was merging Himself with the [human] mind so that He might abide with us and bring us into the same wonderful light in which He dwells.”

 – Letters of Myrtle Fillmore, 1936


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