“Sometimes, in a moment of unusual stillness, one rises wholly above the earthly or personal self to the eternal, causeless, and spaceless realm where infinite peace abides. One can hardly tell how the experience begins. All descriptions of it and of what one perceives there seem utterly inadequate, cold, and prosaic. Yet no moment of life seems more real than this … no experience leaves a more lasting impression. For one is no longer the mere finite self seeking to fit incongruous and fugitive facts into the mosaic of rational truth. These rare moments seldom come when they are voluntarily sought. But a Somewhat seeks us, something ineffable draws the attention away from the cares and limitations of finite life for a few moments of calmest rest in intimate nearness to the Life of infinite wisdom and perfect love.
It is then that one has some sense of life’s meaning as a well-ordered whole …

Happily, too, one’s own life seems fitted into this great fabric of divine self-manifestation. It is not lost, it does not lose its character, but feels itself assigned to its due place.…

What is this living Essence which makes its presence known in moments when we least expect it? The greatest minds of the ages have been illuminated by it. Jesus described his life as one with it.

Sometimes … it is this sustaining presence which alone carries one through the dark valley of sorrow. Is it not fundamentally, in this most personal sense, a sublime affection, the perfection and essence of purest love?”

-Horatio Dresser, The Perfect Whole, 1896.

“I and the Father are One.” – Jesus
John 10:30

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