on the Lord’s Prayer as an affirmation

“To grow in grace and be glorified in the ineffable glory of the everlasting God you must know who it is you are dealing with.”

“Refuse to see the Father as anything less than the all-compassionate One who is interested in every act of your life, every thought you think; who has numbered even the hairs of your head. This is our God, the Most High Good, which dwells in our heart and soul and flames up into our mind with all the power of cleansing, healing, and uplifting. To this dear Father nothing is small, nothing is great. He does not ignore His creation; He does not stand afar off and view with the cold, critical eye of a connoisseur. His heart throbs with compassion; He sheds upon us the holy peace of His presence in the turmoil of sense, and we joyously exclaim, ‘Though all else fail me, in Thee I find rest.’ ”

 – Charles and Cora Fillmore, “The Healing Word,” Teach Us to Pray, 1941.


This, moreover, is the announcement which we have learned from Him [Christ Jesus],
and convey to you: namely, that
and darkness in Him
there is none.

1 John 1:5

 Ferrar Fenton, Translator, The New Testament in Modern English, 1906



O Source and Nurturer of all the world,

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