“It is inner silence as a habit that is desirable. … The ideal is to penetrate beyond mere self-consciousness to the holy of holies, to uplift the soul in worship, breathe a silent prayer to the Father.
… it is a law of the spiritual life that renewed consecration is the beginning of all fresh activity; and the silent communion at its best is consecration. … (it) is a glad moment of recreation on the part of the man who worships God ‘in spirit and in truth.’ It is a rediscovery of the primal sources of the spiritual life … It is the natural act of the self-reliant soul, an expression of the freedom of true individuality; and hence valuable as a means to an end.”

“The silent time is needed largely as a preparation for the remainder of the day. Put yourself into the present, make a fresh start…”

“To live in the present is truly to become ourselves, and to become one’s self is to serve the higher Power. We know not who and what we are until we thus begin to live.”

Horatio W. Dresser, The Power of Silence:
A Study of the Values and Ideals of the Inner Life, 2nd edition, 1905.

“For God alone my soul waits in silence;
from Him comes my salvation [the answers to my needs] ”
“My soul, wait only upon God, silently submit to Him;
for my hope and expectation are from Him.”

Psalm 62: 1 & 5

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